Mr & Mrs Business Couples Quiz

How much do you know about how your partner handles their money, time and self-care? Let’s find out!

The Purpose of the Quiz

The Mr & Mrs Business Couples Quiz has been created as a light-hearted, fun but important way to identify gaps in your knowledge of each other as a couple in business.  It will allow you to appreciate the talents, skills and experience you each bring to your business.

This quiz is part of our book Mr & Mrs Business.


Take The Quiz!

Complete the form below and your answers will be sent directly to your partner’s email address for scoring.

Select the answer that you feel is ‘most like’ your partner for each question;

Scoring Your Answers

You’ll each need to mark your partner’s quiz to provide the correct answers and calculate your score.

Tally the points by giving one point per correct answer.

Once you each have a score, refer to the scorecard and basic observations at the end of the quiz.

Quiz Tip:

Use the answers as a launching point to discuss how you both view each other in your business and how you both contribute to your business.

The quiz is an information and communication exercise. Any discussions on the results should be based on zero blame or judgement and done with appreciation and love.

The Mr & Mrs Business Couples Quiz Scorecard

How did you go? Let’s take a look at your scorecard and a basic observation.

Note:  The questions relate to the following sections in Mr & Mrs BusinessQuestions 1 to 3 focused on  Section 1: Money, Questions 4 to 6 on Section 2: Time, and Questions 7 to 9 on Section 3: Self-Care.

Scores Between 1 & 3

Thanks for being honest! So your score looks low, but on the bright side, you’re in the right place. Focus on communication and while you work through Mr & Mrs Business, discuss the book sections as you go. Take this as an opportunity to get to know your partner well within your business relationship.

Scores Between 4 & 6

Great job! In some area’s you have a good idea of how your partner deals with money, time and self-care. Take a look back over the answers that weren’t correct. Do they fall into one section of money, time or self-care or were they spread out? This will give you an insight into what to look out for as you work through the Mr & Mrs Business book.

Scores Between 7 & 9

Well done! While this isn’t a competition, your score is a good indication that you know your partner pretty well. But there’re always new things to learn. Use Mr & Mrs Business as a discovery tool to uncover things you didn’t know about your partner.

Additional Observation for All Scores:

Take some time to go back and review your answers. Are there any in the ‘c’ or ‘d’ answer category? These are indicators of areas to work on within the topics of money, time and self-care.

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