Blossoming Business

Bookkeeping & Business Systems


Blossoming Business opened in November 2016 and is a Business Consultancy that helps businesses grow by educating, sharing knowledge and providing services in bookkeeping and business systems.

Our focus is on providing effective money, time and self-care strategies that support you and your business, creating solid foundations for growth.

Saving you Time & Money

As the owner of a business that is either family-run, a husband and wife team or home-based, we know you understand the importance of time and money.

Your days are long, your family time is short, your profits don’t seem to match the effort you are putting into your business and you are tired and very likely over-worked.

There is never enough time or money.

The services we offer work with both.

How We Help You Grow

Blossoming Business is for busy business owners who want to grow and expand so they and their business blossom.

We are for business owners who:

  • want to be able to step away from their business without it falling apart.

  • want to build a profitable, sustainable, enjoyable business that supports their family and life.

  • know they can grow their business with a little help, streamlining, simplifying and efficiency in place.

  • want a plan, a strategy to help them grow their business.

  • want to know their books are up to date, so they can easily manage cash flow and understand their business operations better.

  • want more time and money.

  • want to have a business that allows them to take better care of themselves. To have less stress and more time for self-care and the energy and motivation to grow their business and enjoy their life outside of their business.

Does any of this sound like you? Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help.

‘Sonja has been a great support to our business. Starting as our bookkeeper, we extended her duties to assist us with business and cost analysis, operational assistance and advice. Sonja is efficient, organised and her knowledge of business and bookkeeping is phenomenal. I would recommend her services to anyone running a business.’

Rebecca Lynch

Administration Manager, City to Sea Landscapes