Whether you’re a couple starting a business or already in business, this action-oriented book will help you create the foundations you need to succeed.

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Create success without stress as a couple in business.

Mr & Mrs Business

Couples have a unique set of demands on them when building a business together. On top of today’s money, time and stress pressures, couples have to find ways to build trust, balance work and home life, decide who does what, understand their partners work personality and more!

So how do you find success without stress as a couple in business? The answer is strong foundations. The type of foundations that help you build a successful business and achieve your shared vision for the future. Foundations that help protect your relationship and your health. 


Natahsa Campbell, Mr and Mrs Business review

‘Mr & Mrs Business is like having your own personal business manager; providing an open and honest understanding of how to setup, operate, or refresh your business as a couple. There are many examples, tips and clear instructions, laid out in a way that made it easy to follow. This book is a great investment in your future success.’

Natasha Campbell

3 Easy to Follow Sections


Mr & Mrs Business is written in 3 sections – Money, Time and Self-Care. It contains 12 exercises, as well as handy tips and space for notes at the end of each chapter. You will find it easy to plan, discuss and take action as a couple based on the information contained in the book.

Readers also receive access to these book bonuses: Free access to the Mr & Mrs Business Couples Quiz and exclusive resources to help support your success as Mr & Mrs Business.


This section looks at your personal and business finances, how to understand them and create changes that manage them better.


In this section we explore how managing your time more efficiently creates space to focus on the important parts of your business, relieving the pressure of always feeling like there is more to do.

Self Care

The last section is all about you and your needs as part of a couple in business. When you take the time to work on who you are outside of your business, you benefit from the increased energy, motivation and focus to work inside your business with more joy, efficiency and clarity.

Mr & Mrs Business

Are you ready to create success as a couple in your business?

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About the Author: Sonja Balzarolo

In 2014 Sonja Balzarolo left her career after 20+ years in the corporate arena to have her first daughter.

Motherhood allowed Sonja to look at her career from a different perspective, and in 2016 she took a leap of faith and followed her dream of starting a business from home.

Sonja’s business has changed and evolved into the bookkeeping and business consultancy – Blossoming Business. Through its evolution,  one thing has remained constant – a love for helping business owners.

Blossoming Business focuses on providing, teaching and helping business owners create solid money foundations and efficient operational systems for growth.

Discovering (the hard way!) how important it is as a home-based business owner to take care of yourself as well as your business and family, self-care has also become an integral part of Sonja’s business strategy and the work she does with clients.

Sonja lives on the Gold Coast in Australia with her husband John and 2 daughters – Lily-Rose and LuLu Sparkle.

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