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Since 2016, we have been supporting businesses to be their best behind the scenes, helping create solid foundations for growth.

We provide the following services (scroll down for more information) to help you grow your business:

  • Bookkeeping & BAS Services
  • Business Foundations


How to Work with Us

Book a free no-obligation consultation below and we will provide a business health check and personalised service offering that best suits your needs and business.

If after our call, you’re happy and we’re happy, we’ll get to work helping your business grow!

Our Services



Services can include:

  • Setup of bookkeeping systems in Xero to efficiently manage your books.
  • Transitioning to Xero from your existing bookkeeping system/software.
  • Ongoing Bookkeeping to keep your books accurate, compliant and up to date.
  • BAS Completion and Submission, monthly or quarterly.
  • Creation of Bookkeeping processes specific to your business to ensure consistent management of your books.
  • Identifying gaps and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Training on processes if you prefer one of your team to take on part of the Bookkeeping management to help reduce costs.

From $50 per hour


Business Foundations

Services can include:

  • Identifying process, time and efficiency improvements for your business.
  • Consulting on what, when and how to implement improvements.
  • Creation or updating of your current processes, policies and/or procedures to improve efficiency, time management and productivity.
  • Sourcing and implementation of systems and tools that best suit your business.
  • Specialisation in Business Operations and Processes, Recruitment and HR and Strategic Planning.
  • We provide services as required, hourly or by project.
  • Analysis, sourcing, project management, implementation and training.

Quote based on Requirements

Xero Certified Advisor

Looking for a Xero Certified Bookkeeper?



Our services can be combined into packages on request.

A customised package will be tailored to your business needs after completion of our free initial consultation.

Your free consultation allows us to design the best possible solution and package for your specific business needs.

Consultations consist of a Business Health Check and time to get to know you and your business.

'Sonja has been a great support to our business. Starting as our bookkeeper, we extended her duties to assist us with business and cost analysis, operational assistance and advice. Sonja is efficient, organised and her knowledge of business and bookkeeping is phenomenal. I would recommended her services to anyone running a business.'

'Sonja has taken 2 years of my thoughts and notes for a business idea and had a better understanding of what I was after than I did from day one. I've been so happy with her thoughts and ideas that my role came down to a few changes to the wording'

'Sonja has excellent creative ideas and it's exciting to see how we can implement them into growing our business'