Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping Basics As a business owner, it’s hard managing all the different aspects of your business. And if you're a couple in business, you are each generally focussed on the tasks you've taken responsibility for (or have the natural talent/experience for) in your business. If knowing your numbers doesn't come easily to you, then understanding your business finances often becomes an ‘I’ll get...


Build an efficient, profitable and sustainable business.

Know your numbers, manage your money and make a profit.

Get organised, improve efficiency and create more time.

Prepare yourself for the challenges and rewards of growing a business.


Mr & Mrs Business

Couples have a unique set of demands on them when building a business together. On top of today’s money, time and stress pressures, couples have to find ways to build trust, balance work and home life, decide who does what, understand their partners work personality and more!

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