Sonja Balzarolo

Owner of Blossoming Business,

Bookkeeping & Business Systems Specialist.

About Sonja

Until 2014 when I left my career to have my first daughter, I had been working in the corporate field for 22 years.

I had always dreamed of owning my own business but wasn’t sure of the what, how, when. Motherhood allowed me to look at my career from a different perspective and I took a leap of faith and started a business as a virtual assistant from home.

As my business grew and transformed into the bookkeeping and business consultancy I run today, one thing always remained constant. My love of helping business owners grow their business. It is and always has been the driving force behind everything I do.

I also discovered (the hard way!) as I grew my business how important it is as a business owner to take care of yourself as well as you do your business and family.

Looking after my ‘Self’ is now an integral part of my business strategy and I love that my work helps other business owners make time for this too.

My life on the daily generally consists of time working on my business, time with my girls usually involving something creative, time for me and always a coffee (or 2) with a good book.

My family – my husband John and our 2 daughters, Lily-Rose and LuLu Sparkle – and I live on the Gold Coast – aka paradise! – in Australia.