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Hi, I’m Sonja Balzarolo

Bookkeeper, Money & Time Management Specialist and Owner of Blossoming Business.


Until 2014 when I left my career to have my first daughter, I had been working in the corporate field for over 20 years.

Across my 20+ years I worked in management, operations, finance, leadership, training and HR, and successfully grew, diversified and turned around many unprofitable businesses. I attribute my success to building strong foundations that once implemented give businesses a solid base from which to grow.


I’ve always wanted to build my own business but for many years didn’t have the confidence to leave my very well-paid career.  Motherhood allowed me to look at a corporate working life from a whole new perspective. In 2016 I took a leap of faith and started a business from home providing business support services. I’ve never looked back.

My business has grown and transformed over the last few years into Bookkeeping & Financial Education Services. But throughout my business journey, one thing has always remained constant. My love for helping women grow their business. It is and always has been the driving force behind everything I do.

I also discovered (the hard way!) as I grew my business how important it is as a woman to take care of myself as well as I do my business and family. Looking after and understanding my ‘Self’ is now an integral part of my business strategy and I love that my work helps encourage other women in business to make time for this too.

My life on the daily usually consists of time working on my business, time with my girls doing something creative, time for me and always a coffee (or 2) with a good book. My husband John and I live on the Gold Coast – aka paradise! – in Australia with our 2 daughters, Lily-Rose and LuLu Sparkle.

How I help women working with their partner in business…

My heart aches for couples struggling to juggle business and life and feeling stressed every day.

I’ve seen firsthand how hard it is to be a couple in business, as well as experiencing it myself. The freedom, results and satisfaction that can come from getting it right are worth the effort to make the changes required. I love helping business owners and find it extremely rewarding to see people find success in their business. When that success also helps their relationship, family and satisfaction in life, as it does with couples, I am beyond grateful for getting to be part of their journey. It is the most satisfying part of my job.

This is why I have written my debut book, Mr & Mrs Business. The topics I discuss in the book are strategies any couple can pick up, run with and make some changes. My wish is anyone who reads this book will find some relief to their money and time stresses and find some time to build self-care into their week.

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Blossoming Business is for women in business who need help behind the scenes, whether it’s with money or time management, or help planning the foundations you need to put in place in order to grow.

Book a free initial consultation below. Let’s spend half an hour talking about you, your business and your needs.

We’ll let you know what we can do to help.

“Sonja has been a great support to our business. Starting as our bookkeeper, Sonja now also helps us with business and cost analysis, operational assistance and advice. Sonja is efficient, organised and her knowledge of business and bookkeeping is phenomenal. I would recommend her services to anyone running a business.”

Rebecca Lynch

Administration Manager, City to Sea Landscapes


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